10 Pictures Only Personal Finance Bloggers Can Relate To

This blog post is going to be a little bit different than the rest – but I needed a laugh and who better to make me laugh than myself? Yeah, I just said that.

Here are some meme’s I spent way too much time making for all of my fellow personal finance bloggers out there. You guys are awesome people, and so talented in more ways than one. Let’s crush this week like we’ve all crushed our debt!

1) When your friends are saving for goals, but so are you


2) When you’re single & everyone thinks that’s more important than making money


3) When your friends try to act like they understand what you’re talking about


4) When people think you’re frugal but you’re actually a huge balla’


5) When you find a surplus in your budget that you weren’t expecting


6) When your parents think the only thing they can talk to you about is finance


7) Paying with cash because credit cards are for suckers


8) When everyone else is like TGIF and you’re like,
“never heard of that day”


9) When your friends find out about your blog


10) And finally, when you know you’re going to continue to ball like the true financial superstar you are


Have any good meme ideas? Send them my way and I’ll do a buzzfeed style blog post every month with a link to your blog or Twitter account. Happy almost humpday!


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