10 Frugal Things or Activities To Do

As you know, my blog is Mixed Up Money, but my name is Alyssa. This is me, and this is a chance for you to learn a little bit about the things I love! So never the less - looking for something new to do that won’t break the bank? Here are my top 10 favorite frugal things or activities.

1. Running

Yup, you probably hate that I even mentioned this one. But it’s great for your health, diet, and energy levels. You’ll feel like the angriest person ever during the run, but afterwards you’ll feel like you could accomplish anything! My personal favorite activity to do in the mornings.

2. Cous Cous

This one might seem silly. But this snack or meal only takes 10 minutes to make, and you can use it in so many meals. It’s cheap to purchase as a big bag will last you up to 2 months if you make 1 cup per week. My favorite recipe to use cous cous in? A chopped salad. Here is one of the best versions!

3. Sports Teams

Although the upfront cost for a sports team might seem steep, the amount you get in return is undeniably worth the price. I normally pay $300 for outdoor soccer, and $350 for indoor. This is about an 18-20 game season, including 10-15 practices. That comes out to $16 per session, which is just like a boot camp, but better! It helps me to relieve stress, and ignite the competitive attitude I have always had. Not only is it great exercise, but it is also a great social activity for me.

4. Netflix

You know what this is, so I definitely don’t have to explain. But watching these TV shows is a great way for anyone to turn off their brain and just enjoy a relaxing evening or afternoon without spending a dime (other than the $7/month). If you don’t want to pay – split the cost with a friend. The account is allowed to be open on multiple devices.

5. Card & Board Games

This takes me back. The other night, we had a power outage because of Calgary’s crazy weather. My roommates and I were lost for what to do because we had no electronics to rely on, so we remembered cards and board games. Why did we ever stop playing those? One of the best ones that is perfect for a group of people who can take a joke is Cards Against Humanity. Obvi.

6. Hiking

Although I am quite new to the hiking scene, I must say, it is one of my new favorites. The fact that you spend merely no money is just one bonus. Another bonus is getting to see your beautiful surroundings. Living so close to the mountains I often forget how lucky I am.

7. Tumblr

For those of you who are more into staying inside and laughing for hours on end without effort, there is Tumblr. One of my favorite past times in college. Scroll endless jokes, cool photos, and hilarious videos. Embrace the internet lovers around you. But be forewarned, it’s a black hole and you will never leave your room. I recommend a fully charged electronic before beginning.

8. Bocce Ball

Or any outdoor games for that matter. Lawn Darts, Croquet, Beersby, Leapfrog…I love them all. And so should you. They get you outside, and if you already have the equipment then you’re set. If you don’t, ask your parents because I guarantee they’ll have at least one of the above options. If not, it’s a onetime purchase and a lifetime use. These babies will never lose value.

9. Online Window Shopping

The word online is of key importance here. Window shopping is a dangerous game that I quit playing many moons ago. If you’re online, no one will judge you for staring at a clothing item for hours, no one will ask if you want to try that on, no one will make you feel like “you should totally buy that”. It’s just you and your mouse. No pressure and no spend. I put it in my basket and then I empty it out at the end of the night. It’s like an adult dollhouse.

10. Girls Nights

Lastly, girl’s nights. So simple, but we never seem to make the time to do it anymore. The older we get, the more adult responsibilities. Which is why these nights are so much more important. They are a no-cost, no-makeup event that allows you to be lazy and reminisce on all of the old gossip you once shared. If you do spend money, it will be a group effort which has a potluck style dinner of food or wine.

What are some of your favorite frugal activities or things? Let me know in the comments.