40 Things You Can Do Once You’re Debt-Free

Debt is a heavy burden to hold onto, and it is an uphill battle that can’t be fought overnight.

Whether we’re there yet or not, many of us hope to be debt-free and continue living that way. With all of the payments due in our day to day lives it becomes a distant hope without perseverance and passion to follow through on these goals. Sometimes we need new sources of motivation, and sometimes we need to be reminded of old ways. As I get closer to being 100% debt free, I forget the day that truly changed my perception of money. I forget hearing a woman talking about how her spending cycle was drastically affecting her life in more ways than one and how much I could relate. I forget the moment I got home and thought:

“What am I waiting for? Today is the day.”

Debt is a heavy burden to hold onto, and it is an uphill battle that can’t be fought overnight. However, debt also brings some positive features such as tough learning lessons, an obvious need for organizational skills, and thick skin.

It also slowly but surely brings the day you become DEBT-FREE! Once I get there, I will share with you exactly how I feel, and exactly what I plan to do, but for now I want to imagine. And maybe use the following ideas as a bucket list!

Here are 40 things you can do once you live a debt-free life:

  1. TELL EVERYONE (as though you are a vegan, gym head, or writer)

  2. Celebrate in any way you see necessary!

  3. Take the world’s biggest sigh of relief and bottle it up as a memory

  4. Start putting all of those debt payments towards new financial goals

  5. Sleep a full 8 hours without worry

  6. Buy something using credit knowing that you are wise enough to pay it back by end of month

  7. Look at your bank account and not have to see a liability

  8. Stop hiding in your house avoiding all social interactions that cost money

  9. Stop buying 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner

  10. Shred and discard all bills and documentation that once stressed you out

  11. Smile without guilt

  12. Think clearly without something always being in the back of your mind

  13. Build a healthy relationship with your finances and credit

  14. Learn to invest and actually start doing it

  15. Save effortlessly for retirement

  16. Realize that the things you want aren’t as far out of reach as you once thought

  17. Go on vacation!

  18. Be approved for a mortgage

  19. Be so good at paying bills you could pay them in advance if you really wanted to

  20. Plan a New Year’s resolution that has nothing to do with debt

  21. Quit a second or third job if you want to

  22. Spend more time with friends and family

  23. Help educate others who need to pay off debt

  24. Support anyone who is going through a similar situation

  25. Make a more health-focused budget

  26. Let go of any bad memories

  27. SKY DIVE because why not?

  28. Give back by making more charitable donations

  29. Build your wealth

  30. Follow any passions you were once afraid of

  31. Start your own business

  32. Ensure you never go into debt again

  33. Stay frugal because frugal is fun!

  34. Understand that it’s okay to say no

  35. Give advice without fear of someone not trusting you

  36. Share your story to spark motivation in someone else

  37. Cook an extravagant meal and pop a bottle of champagne because you are a baller!

  38. Build good credit and check your report without worry

  39. Spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing, because you can do it without regret

  40. Make more money than you’ve ever made before

What are some debt-free living ideas you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments!