Becoming The Uncool Adult I Told Myself I’d Never Be

Adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities

Usually once a month or every couple of months a new viral video, app, or acronym hits the web (insert joke about aging myself here). Up until the past year, I’ve usually been pretty good at keeping up with all of this stuff. I download the latest apps before all of my friends, I use the proper lingo in conversations, and I even dress cool (on the weekends). Mostly because I work in the social media industry, but also because I find these things hilarious too. And then it all started happening. I hit 25 years old and I didn’t know what new words meant (without using Google obvi), and I didn’t hear about a couple of videos before the jokes weren't funny anymore.

And man, did it take me back.

Remember when you were younger, and your parents would ask you for help with their latest piece of technology (keep in mind that their latest was usually a couple of years old, probably because they splurged and bought you one when it was cool first)? You’d probably roll your eyes and think to yourself, “how can you not figure this out on your own?”, and then grumble on the entire time you were teaching them how to copy and paste or mass delete emails.

Or remember when they used to tell you that politics mattered because one day you’d realize those taxes they always talk about were going to affect you? You’d probably laugh to yourself and say “sure mom”, as if she knew anything about how you were going to feel in 15-20 years.

Even better, remember when you would ask them to buy you something that you figured was an appropriate price, but they couldn’t justify buying you $250 sneakers knowing you would grow out of them in a couple of months? They would tell you one day you would understand these prices and why they couldn’t make the purchase, and you said “I would never keep my kids from having cool clothes”.

Adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities. It teaches you things that you probably should have been taught before, or were taught before, but never truly learned.

When I was 14 years old, probably up until about 23 years old, I figured that I knew exactly how to run my life. I knew all there was to know about credit cards, home ownership, and my future plans. I thought if anything bad was going to happen to me, it would be a flat tire or a small dental bill my parents would help me figure out how to manage. I always told myself, I will never let myself fall behind in all of these things.

But you see, I really have no choice. Becoming the uncool adult I told myself I’d never be is actually impossible. If I were still the “cool adult” I thought I should be, I would be financially irresponsible, not worrying about who to vote for, and thinking my parents would be able to solve all of my mistakes.

Sounds to me like the person I never wanted to become, is now the person I look up to and admire. Personal finance, you have changed me. And I’ll never forget it.

What's cool to me now

  1. Understanding my credit score

  2. Saving for retirement

  3. Learning how to increase my income

  4. Living my life debt-free

  5. Voting

  6. Having wine & pizza every Friday night

Have you become the person you told yourself you'd never be when you were younger? Let me know in the comments.