Don’t Let People Judge Your Weird Reasoning

I do things that might seem weird to others, but feel absolutely normal to me

Have you heard of the plantella? Patella? Mandela? No, it’s not the Mandela.

PLACEBO EFFECT?! *claps aggressively*

Okay, fine. You’ve obviously heard of the placebo effect. However, you might not have considered how that relates to your money. Which is okay, because neither did I. Until right now.

Do you need pictures of fitness models to make you hit the gym? Need an app to help you fall asleep? Motivational quotes to make you better at money? A bracelet that gives you more energy?

Most likely, same.

I use a lot of weird inspirational ideas and products that most people would call me crazy for even considering. I try weird DIY projects that can help reduce my headaches, help me sleep, and also just be a better person.

Until now, I never told people all the weird “placebo effect” type products I’ve tried and continue to use to this day. Mostly because I fear the judgement, and don’t feel like having to explain myself to someone who already has their mind made up.

Do whatever you want, and screw the judgement.

If you struggle to stay motivated with your money and read this blog as your form of encouragement or inspiration, I think that’s amazing.

A blog is like a safe haven for those of us who are looking for an honest and free place to go and learn about money, budgeting, investing, retirement, and basically every financial topic ever. It’s easier to ask someone you relate to about something, then it is to ask an expert.

For instance, if I box dye my hair and ruin it (guilty), I’d rather ask my friend who is super passionate about hair, then go to my professional hair stylist and hear how angry they are with my decision.

There is no judgment here. Mostly because I’ve done and made all the same mistakes you have. It’s why we’re internet friends.

If you need to spend $500 on a course that helps you better manage your money, that’s okay.

If you refuse to spend money on a course that helps you better manage your money, that’s okay too.

If you want a professional to help you build a budget and help you invest, that’s cool.

If you want to learn how to build your own budget and invest yourself, that’s cool too.

There are no rules for the best ways to organize your life and fulfill your needs.

I use a meditation app to help me fall asleep and get through anxiety attacks, I use the halo roller from Saje to help get rid of my headaches, and I trust a robo-advisor more than myself when it comes to investing.

I do things that might seem weird to others, but feel absolutely normal to me.

If you have a weird reason behind why you do the things you do with your money, it probably isn’t that weird. Someone somewhere probably just one time said it was, and everyone believed them.

Because you should believe everything you read on the internet, guys.


Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is that don’t worry too much if you think you’re doing something that isn’t normal. The weirder the better I always say. I mean, isn’t that why people like Stranger Things so much?

There is nothing wrong with trying something in the hopes that it will hold you more accountable, increase your confidence, or make you feel stronger.

In a sense that’s why I write about money. It makes me take my financial life seriously. It makes me want to reach a money goal that I use to think wasn’t possible.

And isn’t that what the placebo effect really is? Tricking yourself into something?

It’s kind of like how I trick myself into thinking I have less money than I actually do. Or how I convince myself I have enough savings with this magic number.

Most of the financial plans I’ve put in place for myself are one giant placebo effect. Except that money can be fun. Because look at us now, having a ball.

So, next time someone judges you for using something that they don’t think works – tell them to get lost. If it works for you, then it works. Period. End of story.

What are some placebo effect’s you use for your finances or life? Let me know in the comments!

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