Get Over Your Money Fears, Loser

Nothing is going to change until you make it change

Whether we realize it or not, we are all a little bit afraid to talk about our finances, and we are afraid to admit when we make a mistake with our money. Like I’ve said before, I still make money mistakes. In fact, just last week I went to my phone company to lower my bill because I went over my data by not one, not two, but 6 GBs of data. It wasn’t very cheap. However, that’s a story for another day.

Am I crazy? I mean, sure, a little bit. But I never for one second thought:

If I tell people I have debt, they will judge me.

I instead thought:

If I tell people I have debt, they will be unafraid to confront their own financial struggles.

It’s actually amazing to me that even though there are millions of resources, information, and content out there, people are still ashamed to talk about money. Or admit when they don’t know something.

Stigmas suck. And I want them to go away. Forever. Please. Leave us alone.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is cool to talk about money like me and my internet friends.

A harsh reminder came when I tried to find 10 “average twenty-somethings” to allow me to interview them about their money knowledge.

It was hard. Even my closest friends were too embarrassed to have their name linked to something like this on the internet. Instead of being open to the possibility of helping others to feel less concerned with where they’re at, they wanted to ensure their reputation wasn’t harmed in the making.

I mean, I get it. I do.


When do we start feeling more comfortable to talk about money? If not now, is it 30? 40? 50?

At this point I’m afraid it may be never.

After all, if you’re afraid to talk about it now and learn about it now, then when will you take the plunge?

So instead of being the soft spoken (not at all), sweet angel face (meh) that I am and telling you it’ll all be okay and that things will figure themselves out. I’m going to switch it up.


Nothing is going to change until you make it change.

Don’t know something about your finances? Research it.

Embarrassed to talk about your money? Start small. Reach out to close friends and family.

Avoiding investing, retirement, and debt is not the way to get ahead. The longer you wait, the further away your goals get.

Home ownership, financial independence, travel? They are a lot easier to accomplish when you have a good grip on your money. Trust me.

I know that no one likes a demanding and opinionated (unless it’s their opinion) blog post. But why did you click if you weren’t a little bit curious?

Obviously you’re not actually a loser for not taking the leap of faith into your financial future, because if I did mean that, well, I’d only be contributing to this $hitty “stigma” we’ve created. I'm referring to the kind of loser Regina George uses in Mean Girls. You know, the whole "get in loser, we're going shopping" scene. Classic.


Here are a few helpful blog posts to get you rolling on your best self.

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And also a video to help you save more money in 3 minutes or less. It's a miracle!

Now, GO. Vamoose. Get better at money. Stop being ashamed for not understanding or knowing something that no one has taken the time to teach you.

It’s really not your fault after all. They should have taught us this stuff in high school.

When did you first start taking control of your money? Let me know in the comments!

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