Do One Good Thing For Your Financial Future Today

You don't have to thank me, though. You just have to actually do them.

Your financial future. Surprise! It's those three words that make you sweat through every layer of clothing until the people in line behind you at the Starbucks start to become concerned that you may be dehydrated and also a little bit weird. Maybe you're here reading this blog post because you're ready to take the next step with your money. Maybe you're here because you've already taken those steps but you're just so gosh-darn out of ideas. I feel you, bro. You can only do so much with your money before you think "have I already hit a wall?"

Trust me — you haven't. In fact, the wall is so far away that from here it just looks like a tiny piece of Hershey's chocolate and now I'm drooling on my keyboard.

If you want to do something to better your financial future right meow, and can't even imagine waiting until tomorrow because you've already scrolled every social media platform and watched every Netflix series in 24 hours because IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE. I have fifty ideas. Yeah, 5 friggen 0 ideas for ways you can better your financial future today.

You don't have to thank me, though. You just have to actually do them. Then you can thank yourself, over and over again, with each passing year that you watch your retirement fund grow and your savings accounts flourish.

Shall we?

  1. Let's start with an obvious one. Automate your finances.

  2. Allot yourself some spending money for your bad habits.

  3. Invest money. Even just $100. You can ask a robot to do it if you're scared. They're pretty smart.

  4. Toss an extra bonus into your savings account today. Just because.

  5. Start to build up your emergency fund. You will not regret it. Car tires tend to find nails and phones tend to slip out of our hands into toilets. We are clumsy and adorable (and also extremely expensive).

  6. Check your credit report. At the least to make sure it's not a new year, new fraudulent you.

  7. Make yourself a DIY piggy bank and then laugh at your arts and crafts abilities.

  8. Fill a jar with $ amounts on small slips of paper. Take one out each week and throw that amount towards your debt. Throw it like you've never thrown before.

  9. Barter. Even if you feel cheap — you'll probably never see that furniture salesperson again.

  10. Update all of your online banking passwords because hackers are coming for us.

  11. While we're at it — remove any saved credit card information from websites. It shouldn't be that easy to spend money.

  12. Go vegetarian and don't speak to me or my son ever again.

  13. Be honest with people about your money situation. One time I told my dentist I couldn't afford a service and they flagged my account to ask me about all charges for future appointments. Best thing ever.

  14. Ditch the shorts you think you'll fit into one day. It's for the best.

  15. Find a coupon app like Honey, or sign up for Drop (because they have helped me to afford my Starbucks habit).

  16. Make your lunch and eat dinner at home. It's basically good for your wallet and your beltline.

  17. Say no. To everyone and everything that costs you money. Lol jk, but no I'm not joking I'm totally serious.

  18. Try using a budget. I know it seems super annoying (because it is). But you'll finally feel in control. Or my name isn't Dolly Rebecca Parton.

  19. Call your credit card company and ask them what they can do for you as far as interest rates, discounts on annual fees, or you know — for being loyal.

  20. Sell or donate all of your old things and clothing.

  21. And donate more period. More money, more time, more kindness. If you're thinking about donating later when you have more money — forget it. You'll never have "enough money".

  22. Remember Nelly Furtado? Neither. But she did say it best when she sang Turn Off The Lights. Let's all get a little bit more energy efficient. Especially because it's free in Alberta meow.

  23. Take care of your vehicle. That oil change might save you from a much higher bill down the road.

  24. Do something for extra money. I do stats at college sports games on the weekend because I'm already there watching my husband coach. Might as well get paid, am I right ladies?

  25. Cancel that membership you never use. Please. World Health Club has enough money.

  26. Embrace the capsule wardrobe. Honey, neutrals have never looked better.

  27. Read more books about money. And let's not be ironic. Check your library first.

  28. Take a financial course to help you better understand your money or investing. Some are free, some are not. They're all worthwhile.

  29. Don't park your car somewhere you might get a ticket. We'll never learn, will we?

  30. Do something you love. I tend to spend less money when I have hobbies to keep me happy and stress-free.

  31. Consider health insurance. The younger you are when you get it, the better.

  32. Ask for a raise. You're a total boss, after all.

  33. Force yourself to look at your bank account regularly. Although I know most of my readers already do this, some people don't. It's better to be aware than guess when it comes to cash flow. Those money memes joking about being broke are only mildly funny.

  34. Don't judge others and you'll automatically feel less judged yourself. It's magical science brought to you by a twenty-something female on the interwebs.

  35. Reflect on your last three months of spending and earning. How much did you make and how much do you spend? It's important to know.

  36. Avoid having money sit in your checking account. You work hard for your income and it should work hard for you by earning interest or paying dividends.

  37. Learn one money term a day. For example, dividend.

  38. Calculate your networth. If not for anything but to pat yourself on the back for being an awesome person.

  39. Think about your retirement and what you want. If it scares you — all I said was think about it. Get those wheels turning, sucka!

  40. Now that you're thinking about it, you should totally open an RRSP. Already have one? Up your monthly contributions.

  41. Prep for tax time. It'll sneak up on you quick.

  42. Attend a networking event. It never hurts to find new professional friends that could help you move up on the career ladder.

  43. Buy a latte. COME AT ME, HATERS.

  44. Always use the per-dollar-per-use rule before you buy something. If a pair of shoes will cost you $100, ask yourself if you'll wear them 100 times.

  45. Think about appreciation. Are you buying something that will benefit you later in life or will it decrease in value the second you drive it off the lot?

  46. Use wifi everywhere you go. Ain't no shame in my ask-for-your-internet-password-game.

  47. Find ways to encourage yourself and celebrate the little successes that you gain from being more money-conscious. Saving $1,000 is a HUGE DEAL.

  48. Drink less alcohol. Or not. I ain't yo' momma.

  49. Also, please just stop smoking. Now I am your mother.

  50. Care. Your financial future needs you to care.

Well, would you look at that! We just rolled through that list of fifty small ways you can take control of your money, pronto. However, don't forget to also take care of the big picture things you need to do when it comes to your financial future.

In fact, I spent a few minutes chatting about my money resolutions and goals for 2018 because I saw my Internet BFF do it and I couldn't resist. So what if we're two weeks into the new year already. I do what I want. And you can, too.

Have any money goals for this year that you'd like to share? Attempted any of the ideas on my list? scrolled to the bottom because you got sick of me? Let me know in the comments, cuties!