Goodbye June. I Won't Miss Your Tight Budget

This month went extremely well as far as payments go. I went above what I had originally budgeted to pay off credit cards, and I am so happy that I did! Savings ultimately suffered, but in the end I would rather pay my debt now, and make bigger denominations to my savings later. Rather than $20 here and there. I also had a lot more expenses than normal due to some wedding party events that I attended. Now that only 6 months are left in 2015, I feel I have put a lot of pressure on myself to tackle this deadline. I will surely have to get another job in September to finish off the bulk of my debt. But I know it will be worth it.

July will be the toughest month so far. I have a 4-day bachelorette trip booked and I need to stick to my budget hard-core. Truthfully I wish I could stay home and spend no money, but, what is a financial journey without a little challenge?! Since I paid more than planned in June, I will be able to survive July’s trip by sadly paying a little less to my debt.

One other thing that kills me in July is the Calgary Stampede. And really, it’s not by choice. My stupid birthday is during the cities celebration and I’m usually always forced to hit the grounds at least once, whether it is through work, or by friends. I usually leave town during this time to avoid it all together, but I couldn’t take an extra trip during this financial lockdown. Bonus though – free pancake breakfasts ERRY DAY.

Anyways, I know you want me to shut up and give you the breakdown, so here it is:

Last month debt: $9,397.17

This month:

Credit Card 1


Credit Card 2


Student Loans (won’t touch until November)


Grand Total


Debt paid since last update: $1443.78 Total spend on living in June: $1028.73

WOWZA. I know! I even shock myself sometimes.See you next month (maybe I’ll pull out a miracle and be under $7000.00).