30 Free Summer Activities That Are Age Appropriate For Millennials

don't deny that you're ever too young for a good mocktail and a light read outdoors

Listen, I know that summer is supposed to be all about living your best young, fabulous and frivolous self. But what if — stay with me now — what if we did some more age-appropriate activities now that us millennials are approaching or living in our 30s? I hate to say it, but senior citizens do some pretty creative and fun stuff that helps extend their retirement funds to reach their extreme limits. And who isn't about stretching a dollar, while still making the bois and girls holler? Yes, millennials are now older and our idea of slang is unfortunate. But no one cares because we're all just too focused on saving money and moving forward with our bucket list travels and experiences.

But seriously, I'm merely here to remind everyone that millennials are not children anymore. We are grown ass adults who like a good smelling candle and a home-cooked meal.

So, rather than go to a music festival with too much sweat and not enough water, lay by the beach and risk sunburns with a side of wrinkles or hit up a food cart fair that requires paid entry on top of the $20 tacos you could make at home for $2 — why not try one of these not-lame-anymore summer activities that come in at our favourite price of (basically) free dollars?

  1. Play crib and drink your favourite homemade non-alcoholic bevy

  2. Backyard games day including lawn bowling, lawn darts, croquet and bocce ball

  3. Host a BBQ potluck and have each friend bring a different summer dish

  4. Have a themed Netflix night with a certain celebrity or film category where you dress and eat the part while laying out on a giant living room bed you put together

  5. Attempt to play pickleball — it's actually super fun I swear

  6. Start a book club and meet up over a backyard picnic with wine and cheese

  7. Find a new podcast to listen to while going for a bike ride, rollerblade or jog

  8. Perfect the ideal iced coffee recipe for you and your friends

  9. Try bird watching when walking through a local nature trail or park path

  10. Head to a local sports facility and watch some recreational softball or soccer (pick a team to cheer for also, duh)

  11. Try fishing, floating or doing literally anything along the nearest river

  12. Host a trivia tournament or board game tournament with friends

  13. Did someone say make-your-own-sundae-bar?!

  14. Make a difference in someone's life by volunteering at a local drop-in centre

  15. Create a new playlist and go for a joy ride in your vehicle to a place you normally can't find time to visit

  16. Go to an animal shelter and pet/play/cuddle all of the foster dogs and kitties who are looking for a new home

  17. Clean out your closet while blasting Eminem's album (obvi the exact song) and then donate your clothes to a local shelter or store

  18. Find a field in a local neighbourhood and host a game of kickball with your family as a hella hilarious reunion

  19. Dust off your old Nintendo and play some of the best games of our generation AKA Donkey Kong and Super Mario

  20. Run through a sprinkler because we are forever young according to the media

  21. Remember all of those baking ingredients you bought for that birthday cake for your significant other that you've since never touched? Why not touch them?

  22. Write your will LOL yeah us millennials are wild and crazy fun when we hit our 30s

  23. Be a good person and walk around your neighbourhood to clean up the garbage because you'll also probably earn some mad respect all the while

  24. Feng shui your living space

  25. Puzzles are pretty much the best ever and I don't care if you don't believe me

  26. Online window shop for future purchases you'd like to save for

  27. Remember the good old days when we would nap and hate it? Now you can nap and love it!

  28. Two words: bubble bath

  29. To be totally generational and all — clean up your friend's lists by unfollowing and unfriending people you no longer communicate with on social media

  30. If you're like me and have 700 gift cards laying around — take them out of storage and go spend money guilt free for once!

If you're reading through this list and thinking — "how boring" and "I'm too young for this $h*t" — don't deny that you're ever too young for a good mocktail and a light read outdoors. Trust me, as a youthful grandmother who hates to spend money, these activities are much more relaxing and fun than they sound. Sure, some of these "summer" activities are to be spent indoors, but let's be honest with our blog reading selves — we like to be indoors.

What's your favourite affordable or free summer activity? Let me know in the comments!