The Weekly Ritual That Turned My Worries Into Solutions

No matter what you have going on (big or small), nothing is less important.

Worries are one of my biggest challenges in life. I worry about anything and everything. Things that haven't happened, couldn't happen, and most importantly -- things that my mind is certain will occur. "What if I never see that person again?""What did I do wrong?" "I'll never be able to pay off my debt."

I've always had the "what if" mind set growing up. You see, I find that it helps me ensure that no matter what happens, I (in some weird way) will have control over the outcome. I will be prepared if any of those "what-ifs" actually happen -- because I thought about them.

The truth of the matter is that we all worry. Some of us just tend to do it more than others. Some of us (AKA 2017 Alyssa) worry because of anxiety and stress. Some of us worry to show that we care. It's, what I guess you would call, normal. Although, I'll be the first to admit that it straight up sucks.

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Just like that saying that started an entirely annoying stigma goes -- "no one likes a worry wart". Well, the worrier themselves doesn't like it either, CAROL.

How did I start to change my mindset? 

One of the main reasons worry becomes so overwhelming is because we forget to find solutions to those problems. What clicked for me was the realization that it would be extremely difficult to turn my negative mindset to a positive one, unless I could control my worries.

That's when I found a way to finally stop the stress and start the weekly ritual that has changed my outlook on worrying.

Every Wednesday, I take fifteen minutes and I start my activity.

Step 1: I write down my top 5-10 worries that are affecting my mindset. Never more than 10.

Step 2: I categorize those worries. Are they solvable or unsolvable? Solvable worries are realistic, happening now, and are within your control. Unsolvable problems are the "what ifs" that so excitingly grace our minds for no reason at all.

Step 3: Choose one solvable worry to resolve.

Step 4: Write down all of the potential ways to solve that worry. Ask a friend or family member if they have any solutions that you might have missed. Even write down the ideas that you know you wouldn't choose. They are still possible resolutions.

Step 5: Choose the best possible path that can help you to solve your worry.

Step 6: Put this plan into action.

In just 6 steps and 15 minutes, I give myself some kind of relief from my worries.

When I first started this activity, I took time every second day to go over my worries and fears. They were that bad. Now I'm down to once a week, and starting to feel as though I have control over the amount of worrying I do.

This exercise is actually created by someone who knows what they're doing (I swear), and is included in a "What? Me Worry?!" module that you can grab FOR FREE right here. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available out there for these types of concerns -- it's just the difficulty of actually being able to find them.

Nothing in life comes without a little bit of thought and practical fear -- but the ability to control the amount of thought is what really matters.

Worried about your money situation? Write it down. Worried that you're never going to stop worrying? There are options. Worried that you have a zit everyone will notice? Still counts.

No matter what you have going on (big or small), nothing is less important. Your worries matter.

Have any other ideas for how to solve worrying (that myself or others can use)? Let me know in the comments! 

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