So that you can invest in your future self and feel less guilt and shame about your spending?

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If you have an event coming up,  you'll want this spreadsheet to keep track of gifts, hosting costs and more!

Holiday budget

Make Small Changes

 Print these templates off and fill them out to keep alongside your household emergency kit! Your family will thank you.

emergency printables

This free resource helps you better understand your habits, and cut back on non-essential spending

spending trackers

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Challenge the idea that it's taboo to talk money

Create a compassionate way to connect

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Put love, care and generosity first

Provide you with the accountability you need to put yourself and your money first

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The Neighbourhood

join my membership for women who want to learn + grow

This is a space to empower you personally and financially. To feel confident, to find genuine connections, to build secure money habits, and to enable you as you navigate your finances, your job, and your life.

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Get My Annual + Monthly
Budget Spreadsheet

Purchase the monthly and annual Google Sheets budget template I use for our household to help manage your spending and savings goals.

What's in the spreadsheet?

  • A sheet to track your income and sinking funds
  • A subscription tracker
  • A snapshot of your annual spending
  • A stagnant budget to input your numbers
  • Sheets to track your spending each month
  • An expense tracker and mini-budget


Snag My Templates

Your Dream Shopping List

Saving for purchases that you've been daydreaming about can be exhausting! So, I created a template to make your shopping list fun again.

Within this spreadsheet, you will find the following:

  • A way to itemize products or experiences you would like to buy
  • A sheet to track savings progress to put money towards these items
  • A progress dashboard to see how much further you have left to reach your goal amount


Your Habit Tracker

Accomplishing goals can be exhausting! But, when you focus on your habits, the magic starts to happen.

Within this spreadsheet, you will find the following:

  • A monthly sheet to track up to 10 habits each day 
  • A sheet to see your progress and overall averages
  • A daily ranking guide


Take your learning further...

If you're wondering...
  • How to manage the emotional toll of debt
  • What strategy you should use to pay off your debts
  • How to negotiate debt with lenders and collections agencies
  • Whether you should consider debt consolidation or bankruptcy
  • How to find balance and still feel secure
What do you get?
  • A 90-minute workshop replay 
  • A spreadsheet to take financial inventory 

Plus: a workbook to walk you through the entire presentation, a debt pay-off tracker to hold you accountable, and other tips and tricks

Tackle Your Debt Workshop

This is the workshop for you

If you've been struggling to:
  • Get started with investing
  • Choose a brokerage
  • Better understand what the TFSA and RRSP are for
  • What types of investments exist
  • How investment fees work
  • And what brokerage is right for you
What do you get?
  • A 90-minute workshop replay 
  • A workbook for interactive learning 
  • My favorite investing resources
  • Two walk-through videos to help you set up your first investment accounts

Investing for BeginnersWorkshop

It's time to change that

If you want to:
  • Learn about your partners' relationship with money 
  • Better understand each other's vision and financial goals 
  • Learn how to communicate about money effectively 
  • Determine your money plan as a team

What do you get?
  • A 90-minute workshop replay 
  • A workbook to guide your journey during the workshop
  • An easy-to-use spreadsheet to help you equitably manage your expenses
  • A money 'date card' to foster ongoing financial conversations (financially)

Couples + Money Workshop

This workshop is for you!

If you're wondering...
  • How much money you should save for leave
  • How parental leave works in Canada for employed vs. self-employed folks
  • What you need for your baby
  • What to do after your baby arrives and a breakdown of the RESP
  • How much the first year might cost
What do you get?
  • A 70-minute workshop replay 
  • Postpartum checklist
  • A list of things to take care of (financially) after your baby is born
  • A spreadsheet listing all of the items I purchased for my first baby

Financially Prepare for Baby

You need this workshop!

I have high-functioning anxiety and know how it feels to feel like you've been left behind financially and constantly obsess over your bank account balance.

Bills and Chills is my personal approach and method to working through the why behind your money stress and how I've managed to go from being behind on credit card payments and checking my online banking several times a day to trusting myself and my money decisions.
Say Goodbye to Money Worries and Create the Life You Deserve

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But now, I never let the shame win. Today, I don't need to add up every item I put in my grocery cart. I don't waste mental energy doing mental accounting. And I don't feel shame for buying the damn latte. Instead, my money goes toward the things that bring me joy, that light me up and that reduce my anxiety. If I need to book an emergency flight to visit a friend, I do. If I want to spend money on an item that isn't a need, I do. 

Talking about money, building a solid foundation for my finances and creating a world where it's normal to strive for more allows me to be present. And I want the same for you.

i used to think it was silly to daydream about the life i wanted to live and the money i needed to have in order to achieve that experience

Because it's time to learn what we can and cannot control.

Anxious girlies unite! 

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