Welcome to
The Neighbourhood

Welcome to
The Neighbourhood

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or celebrated your financial success with other people?

  • I wish I had someone to talk to about money
  • I wish I felt more secure about the future
  • I wish I had more time for me
  • I wish I knew how to have a healthier relationship with money

You're not alone in this feeling

Maybe you catch yourself saying something like...

when was the last time you talked to your best friends about money?

75% of people don’t have financial conversations with their friends.

Now, I'm a six-figure earner, homeowner, raising two kids, on my way to Coast FIRE, published author of two personal finance books, featured on CBC, Globe & Mail, and CTV, a certified Trauma of Money Practitioner, and consumer debt free.

But then I found people
to celebrate my wins with me

When I was struggling and in debt, I didn't tell anyone

All because I started talking about money

But without community, a lot of shame and guilt exists in the way we approach our finances. Most women do not have friends or family that they can speak to about money.

We'll talk about our sex lives and shopping habits before we talk about how much we make, whether we're in debt, or what we want our retirement to look like.

We should care about whether our friends are seeing the financial success they hope to achieve. We should hold space to open up to one another about our wins — and our losses. 

Society teaches us to keep money individual and secret, but we do not benefit from this. We only suffer. And we deserve so much better.

money is less about the numbers and the math, and more about the emotions and feelings. 

less math
more feelings

Next week, I will have my last loan paid off. Although I was extremely nervous to share my debt story, you were so easy to chat with and made me feel very secure and normal. I don't understand why we are made to believe that talking about money has to be so private.

- Lena, Canadian millennial

Challenge the idea that it's taboo to talk money

Create a compassionate way to connect

Hold space without trying to fix problems

Put love, care and generosity first

Provide you with the accountability you need to put yourself and your money first

This community is here to...

The Neighbourhood

a financial hub for women

This is a space to empower you personally and financially. To feel confident, to find genuine connections, to build secure money habits, and to enable you as you navigate your finances, your job, and your life.

Let's Grow Together

someone really said 'for you'

- mia Birdsong

"The ability to hold space for another's experience is a critical one. It's not about giving advice or trying to fix anything, but witnessing and just being an active, attentive presence."

Every Month

The Details
The Details

Two Live Group Calls
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Q+A Sessions with Experts
Progress Check-Ins on Goals
Mental Health Sessions

Every Quarter

Personalized Progress Report
Community Impact Initiatives

Every Year

I'm ready to join the neighbourhood

$50 per month
$550 annually
(one month free)

What You'll Pay

Membership Perks

Access to all workshops
Access to early releases

  • Comforting friendships you otherwise couldn't find IRL
  • Feeling confident in any financial situation or conversation
  • A group of people cheering you on
  • A healthier relationship with money

This isn't about making massive changes in a short period of time. Instead, it's about building habits that have a long-term impact, making talking about money easier and less stressful, and it's two hours a month you're committing to showing up for YOURSELF. 

here's what's waiting for you on the other side of the fence...

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Confidence and skills to navigate money challenges

you want

A sense of belonging

you desire

Dedicate two hours a month to learn and grow

you can

Permission to spend money or time on yourself

you need

Genuine connections and safe spaces

you value

The Neighbourhood is For You if...

But now, I never let the shame win. Today, I don't need to add up every item I put in my grocery cart. I don't waste mental energy doing mental accounting. And I don't feel shame for buying the damn latte. Instead, my money goes toward the things that bring me joy, that light me up and that reduce my anxiety. If I need to book an emergency flight to visit a friend, I do. If I want to spend money on an item that isn't a need, I do. 

Talking about money, building a solid foundation for my finances and creating a world where it's normal to strive for more allows me to be present. And I want the same for you.

i used to think it was silly to daydream about the life i wanted to live and the money i needed to have in order to achieve that experience

Because it's time to learn what we can and cannot control.

Anxious girlies unite! 

Receiving and giving financial support to the people who matter most in your life

Leaving the life that doesn't bring you happiness behind

Managing and spending money on your terms

where you become capable of...

Imagine a world where you finally feel secure and confident

Vanessa M.

Seeing another woman talk about paying off debt and still being able to live inspired me. Huge thank you for opening up a platform for women who sometimes need another woman's perspective

As soon as you enroll, you will get immediate access to The Neighbourhood Slack community, and our community portal that holds all of our past live events, homework, materials and workshops. With this, we will share book of the month recommendations, monthly prizes, monthly challenges, quarterly progress check-ins, and a personalized year in review offering with feedback. Beyond this, you’ll get access to our live and ongoing events. 

This is the interactive component of the program and includes: 
  • 1 Monthly workshops with Mixed Up Money founder, Alyssa Davies, that are 1-hour each and on a specific financial or mental health topic, such as burnout, financial planning, income trajectory and more
  • 1 Monthly community calls that are 1-hour each and are open to Q+A, group discussions and general chat 
  • 1 Quarterly workshop with an outside expert

What You Need to Know

As much or as little as you can fit into your schedule. Members are asked to commit approximately two hours per month to attend live sessions and workshops. Anything over and above is up to you, which includes participating in discussions, attending expert and bonus events, and supporting fellow members.

Can I cancel anytime and are there refunds?

Our community is designed for women who want a safe and judgment-free space to discuss finances, celebrate financial wins, and seek accountability. It is open to women internationally.

What is the time commitment required for this community?

If you opt for a month to month membership, you are free to cancel at any time. If you pay to access a full year of the community and membership, you can cancel your renewal for the following year, but are locked in for the entire duration of the calendar year. Given that you can cancel anytime, refunds are only given on a case by case basis.

For monthly memberships, the day that you pay is that day you'll be charged each month moving forward. The payment in that month will be payment for the upcoming month. So, for example, if your first payment is in November, that payment is for December's access. If you plan to cancel, please make sure to cancel before your payment date.

We will be opening once every quarter for new members to join The Neighbourhood. Join our waitlist to get up to date information on our next launch.

You deserve community who cares and listens to what you need

I'm in!