what do millennial moms even want?

It’s time you had relevant and fun content for your audience (without having to do it yourself — because, well, you’re a busy person).

where do we start?

Are you struggling to write for your target audience? Wishing you had interesting content on the financial industry? Worried about reaching people without having an influence on social media platforms? I know I can help you with those issues. Hi again, I’m Alyssa Fischer — Content Specialist Extraordinaire.

I’m a personal finance lover who has taken leaps and bounds with her own money, so that she can share her experiences with others going through the same. I’ve found a way to connect with millennials and break down financial jargon that is frankly, boring, and turn it into something fun. Writing is a great passion of mine, which is why my tens of thousands of readers keep coming back for more "this-isn’t-that-scary-after-all" information. After completing a degree program in journalism, and working in marketing for several years, I’ve found a great place to share my talents. Talents that can come full circle with your needs.

content creation | all forms

My full-time gig includes writing about real estate — but my side hustles include writing about personal finance, college sports, mental health, being a mom and being a millennial who desperately wants a home. In my spare time, I create videos for post-secondary institutions, and photograph athletes. In other words, the world is our oyster, baby!

promotion | social media, interviews

Looking for someone to promote your business, app, or latest financial product on their social media? This mom would love to help you out! She’d also love to join you on your podcast, on your radio station — and even at your television station downtown at 5AM because she’s awake anyways with her baby.

advertising | sponsored materials

If you have something you want to share with my audience, I want to hear about it! If your product aligns with my demographic and their needs — and I personally love what you do, I will gladly work with you to create a package that works for both of us in a win-win-win situation. Because let’s be honest — we all need a win today.

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