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I do not! If you're interested in getting access to me and my insights about your financial situation!

I may be opening up group sessions to facilitate money conversations and questions.

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Of course! But, there are a few asterisks attached to this answer, including the fact that I only work with brands I personally love and use.

I also do not do any free promotion or collaborations. Just like you value your time and work, I do the same. I believe paying people fairly for their talents is necessary to create equal opportunities. 

If you're serious about working together, you can email my lovely agent at alyssa[@] 

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I am a financial writer with two published books and seven years of experience as an industry expert freelancing about money. I am also a certified Trauma of Money facilitator. 

I can break down a lot of the financial jargon that is typically hard for someone new to finance to learn, and I love to do it!

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Oh no, you missed the live webinar! But, good news: Mixed Up Money is pleased to share a resource for anyone planning for a future child or family. 

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Mixed Up Money is pleased to share a free resource for anyone looking to cut back on non-essential spending. My most-requested product is these monthly calendars to share on your Instagram story, use as a phone background, or print off to track your spending habits.

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