I'm not an expert - which is why people read my blog. Not only do I make money easy and fun, I do it in a way that allows my readers to relate. Made a mistake with your finances? Don't worry. Chances are high that I have too. The stigma of debt and personal finance is still alive & well, but I want millennials to feel comfortable discussing the last taboo.

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Mixed Up Money

Welcome to the best blog ever (self-confidence is important you guys). My name is Alyssa Fischer, and I am from a beautiful city filled with oil, cowboys, and unfortunately – a lot of debt. I’m a university graduate, former college athlete, & wife to a wonderful guy. In my spare time I play competitive soccer, and I also work 3 jobs – because who wouldn’t?

In 2015, I paid off over $10,000 in consumer debt and student loans that I had accumulated over 5 years. It was a great learning experience, & taught me to be more financially conscious than most. I tell stories of my wins & failures when it comes to money, as well as provide you with tips and tools to create a healthy vision of what financial success looks like.

I try to keep my posts relatable, sassy, and fun. Because, what else is there in writing? Finances are way too complicated, outdated, and boring. But they don’t have to be.

As a blog that originated as a way to hold myself accountable during the most stressful and difficult time in my life, it has become a true passion. Not only do I want to learn all there is to know about money – I want you to learn it too.

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Disclaimer: I am neither a certified financial planner, a certified public accountant, or an expert in any type of finance. should be viewed and shared for educational and entertainment purposes only. My posts are based on my personal experiences, and all readers should consider consulting an investment professional before making any financial decisions.