15 Reasons You Need To Become BFF's With Your Money

Make your goals happen. They’re not impossible.

You can truly never have enough friends. Especially ones that support your lifestyle, allow you to enjoy fun experiences (and food), and always find a way to show up just in the nick of time. It’s a constant battle I have with most people. The “why should I care about personal finance?” argument has gotten me into some pretty interesting conversations. And in the end, I think we both win. I win because I got to talk about something I love, and you win because at least you started to think about your current financial situation.

Here are 15 reasons your money should be your new (and fun) best friend forever:

1) You’re spending on things you don’t even know you’re spending on

Oh what’s that? You spent a ballpark of $167 on fast food last month? That’s over 140 cheeseburgers from Dairy Queen. I can tell you right now that as your new best friend, money will never let you spend that much on something that contains ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

2) You want to see yourself building wealth

One of the keys to building wealth, is actually putting money into a savings account. The tricks and trades of increasing your riches are quite simple: make a monthly deposit that you can keep consistent.

3) You aren’t going to be able to work forever

As much as you love your 9-5 office job (I saw that smirk), you’re going to love it even more when you’re 65. Saving for retirement doesn’t just happen. It’s a long and important process that you’re currently avoiding. And why is that again?

4) Your future self depends on it

The fairy tale story that you and your significant other keep gushing about over romantic dinners isn’t going to happen unless you let your new BFF in on it. Make your goals happen. They’re not impossible.

5) It’s not as hard (or scary) as you think

Some of our greatest fears when it comes to finance is that we won’t have enough money to make it to next payday, or we will “lose” what we currently do have. Don’t you think those fears can be dominated by actually taking the time to pay attention to your BFF?

6) Eventually you want to accomplish a large goal

Most of us want to own a home, a vehicle, or save for travelling. These goals require dedication to your savings account. Meaning, you should be tracking your spending or at least monitoring a budget of some sort.

7) You became BFF’s with debt first, and she stabbed you in the back

We’ve all been there (me, especially). We spend before we even realize what the damages could end up becoming. Change your idea of money by saving before spending and focusing on eliminating your current debts.

8) “An auto-loan? A mortgage? An RRSP? What’s that?”

As much as we hate doing our own research if it isn’t something we’re passionate about, these terms are important. And they will eventually be a part of your life. You don’t want to have to worry about being taken advantage of later, so let’s inform ourselves right meow.

9) You currently have a stranger managing your hard earned cash and you don’t understand what they’re doing

If you’re interested in investing, or are already doing it, understanding the numbers or the amount of money you are spending on these services is important.

10) You don’t care about having a savings account right now. You’re young.

Don’t even get me started.

11) You want to live the high life without having to worry

If you are currently fearful that you won’t be able to experience the lavish lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, your BFF money can certainly help you out. Not only will money tell you what you are capable of spending, money will also teach you the importance of living within your means.

12) You don’t want to wait 30+ years to see growth in your investments

If you want to increase your income right now, it’s possible. With a little bit of research into what you’d like to do to create more cash flow, and a desire to work hard, the opportunities are out there.

13) You’ve been using get-rich quick schemes and they haven’t been working

I’m going to save everyone some time and say that this is never going to work for you. The end.

14) “I’ll do it later” is regular word-vomit you spew

Two examples:

  • Procrastinating on a university paper, making your lunch for work tomorrow, or working out.

  • Procrastinating on paying a credit card bill, making a car payment, or saving for retirement.

Which one is going to damage your future (long-term) more?

15) Bad habits never die

Unless you start prancing around with your new BFF. Because money is surely a good way to scare old bad habits.

What are some other reasons you think people need to care more about their finances or money? Let me know in the comments.