The Best Money Advice You Can Get in 280 Characters Or Less

We all know the solution is an emergency fund, okay guys?

Nothing says money advice quite like skipping the 45 minutes you usually spend wading through a 1,500-word blog post about someone who was charged an extra $500 for their utility bill. We all know the solution is an emergency fund, okay guys? We all know this because I've been one of those people who write an extremely long story to explain one key learning moment. Although they're fun every once in awhile, some morning reads are meant to be quick and motivating. Now let's get to the juicy details without all of the boring filler words — which is exactly what this introduction is starting to become.

1. First of all, cancel your weekend plans rn because this is so much better.

2. And then go ahead and do this to start your morning off right.

3. Because it's time to chat personal finance.

4. And about the fact that we'll never stop learning.

5. I'm serious. Never.

6. So, check your privilege, my dudes.

7. Because it's all around us.

8. There is also this thing called common sense, but just in case.

9. I'd like to remind you that you're totally not alone with your financial goals.

10. Like, really not alone.

11. Everybody is unique, and it's important to recognize.

12. And not all of us are as financially-focused as others — for good reason.

13. Remember that both in life and with money it's not always about your experiences.

14. Because we're all cool with spending money in our own ways.

15. And making it in our own ways, too.

16. And if you're ever in doubt — just ask a kid. They know what's up.

17. Or this guy, because, well, the laughs.

18. And if none of this was enough for you — go to the library.

Can't wait to deep dive into an intense and statistically packed post with you next week, but as you know, I find it important to put in a little mix of the easy reads, too. Doesn't hurt that the money advice is an added bonus.