Our Family Is Growing & So Is My Heart

I'm also so excited to join the ranks of all of the new personal finance mom's out there

Me, again! Which, I guess you already know considering you came to my blog. If you haven't figured out what this blog post will be about based on the title itself, SURPRISE! My husband and I are expecting! In one month, we will be welcoming a baby into the world and growing our family from two to three. Yeah, you read that right. One month. I have been pulling a Kylie Jenner and completely hiding the news from the Internet. Last month, I tested the waters with one article that spoke about my college sports career and included a tiny announcement at the end. However, other than that my husband and I have been able to keep the news to our small circle of close friends and family.

Given that it's getting closer and closer to the due date, it's becoming difficult to keep the news secret and also to hide my belly from the world. Luckily, I was able to hide everything pretty well up until two weeks ago. So, I'll consider myself lucky. Although right now we are choosing to keep many details between us and family, I wanted to provide my readers with an update before things got so busy and overwhelming there was no longer the time to sit down and write this post. Most of the information you might be looking for will be included in my announcement video which is at the very bottom. So, if you'd prefer that version — keep on scrolling.

How did we find out?

There is nothing unusual about our story as far as finding out that I was pregnant. I peed on a stick and the rest is history. Although Nic and I may seem like super dramatic and high energy people (lol jk), we literally sat at the kitchen table and started to make a budget the night we found out. I'm a little bit into planning, preparation and exploring all of my options before I start to get into the daydreaming and exciting aspect of things. Since October, we've been patiently awaiting the first day we'll get to meet our baby girl. Also since October, I've been living an extremely glamorous life of leggings and sports bras.

How has pregnancy been?

My entire pregnancy has been extremely average, which as my boss pointed out is usually the only time in life anyone will ever strive to be just that — average. As someone who is completely superstitious, I will be knocking on wood throughout writing this entire paragraph so please bear with me. Thus far, I have not experienced any vomiting, severe pain, or any abnormal health issues — which is super great.

As for what I have experienced: a strong desire for smoothies, a need for afternoon naps and never sleeping through the night are all boxes checked yes. I'm also so excited to join the ranks of all of the new personal finance mom's out there. It's kind of wild we all are going through the same experiences in such a close timeframe. There must be something in the Twittersphere.

A special thank you to my amazing squirrelfran, Des from Half Banked for sending a lovely and instaworthy gift in the mail, to my beautiful boss babe, Bridget from Money After Graduation for the amazing gifts and advice throughout this entire pregnancy and to the always-funny, Amanda from Dumpster Dog for the most precious gift sent from one country to another. I feel so much love and support from the entire community.

We'll be sure to force our baby and Bridget from Money After Graduations baby to be BFFs — don't worry.

What is to come for this growing family?

We are currently in a one-bedroom apartment and will be moving into a townhouse the first week of May. If you think we're completely crazy it's because we are, but it's also because we didn't have a choice. Things will be a bit hectic for us over the next few weeks, but all of it is exciting and fun. Therefore, when it comes to the blog over the next few weeks, I promise to share our entire baby budget (including everything we bought and were gifted) as well as how much and how we saved for the baby before her arrival. I know that many of my readers are reaching this stage of their life soon (if they plan to at all) and are very interested to know. However, I totally and completely apologize if you're only here for financial information that is child-free. There will still be many more of that to come mid-May.

Speaking of the blog, what's happening?

Over the next three weeks, I'll be sharing a ton of great information about the cost of having a baby — before the baby even arrives. During the six-weeks post birthing a child and trying to recover slash enjoy every moment, tear and challenge I will not personally be writing content. However, fear not! I have some awesome ladies in my life who have shared some of their best work for you to enjoy. Don't worry, though as I will be back to you in July ready to update on my current life as a new mom who is just as obsessed with personal finance — if not more.

I know that you may be curious or have questions about this huge announcement because we have kept it under wraps for eight long months, and I fully expect it. So, I will definitely be filming a Q&A over the weekend to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to comment below, DM me on Twitter, shoot me an email or ignore this altogether. Before any more updates or information is thrown your way, feel free to check out my video announcing my pregnancy and giving a touch more information about what's to come. Can't wait to share more soon. XO!