How Did You Spend Your Week?

Budgeting doesn’t require a judge sentencing you to 3 years with no Starbucks

You likely spent your week like the rest of us. You went to work, you did something fun, you relaxed at home – rinse, recycle, repeat. Although we have our routines and schedules, every week in life is different. Some weeks we spend with friends, others we spend at the gym, but most weeks we spend…our money.

It’s hard to know where you spend, what you spend on, and how often you swipe your card if you don’t track every dollar. You start to forget, and you start to overspend. It’s that easy.

In fact, overspending is probably the easiest thing in the world.

Since earlier this year, I have been wanting to track my spending to hold myself accountable, but I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t want to have to write down every dollar spent, or use another excel spreadsheet that I would eventually forget about.

I wanted a way to make my money fun again, because I felt like I was starting to fall into a financial rut. Not to mention, I had increased my income and wanted to avoid lifestyle inflation at all costs. Because trust me, that shiz is real.

That’s when it hit me: I need to vlog my day to day life.

For me, keeping track of my money is a lot simpler when combined with something I love.

Recently, videography has become an interest of mine. Mostly just because I watch Julien Solomita’s vlogs every week (and wish I was as talented as him), but also because it’s a diary that I’ll be able to reflect on for years.

Writing is definitely my passion, but photography and videos are what keep my memories alive.

The best way to take control of your finance situation is to find a route that doesn’t force you into a corner. Budgeting doesn’t require a judge sentencing you to 3 years with no Starbucks, or punishment for breaching probation on any new pairs of shoes purchased.

There are no rules stating that if you don’t know what a price ceiling is you’re not allowed to download Mint and save for your future.

There are no loopholes to stop someone who has credit card debt from enjoying their life regardless of their financial burdens.

And there is no reason for a financial expert to talk down to you just because you don't spend 40 hours a week researching the best GICs around.

Through personal experience, I’ve learned that the only place to learn about personal finance and understanding your money is anywhere that helps you feel comfortable.

And I hope that’s why you’re still reading this blog. You are still reading, right? Oh, man, good. Because this is probably one of the shortest blog posts I’ve written in awhile.

She says while she also mouths “I’m so sorry please don’t hate me”.

Never the less, starting this month, every Sunday will be a weekly video showing you exactly what I did, where my money went, and how much I spend on the reg. Sometimes it will be minimal, like last week, but other times it will be (I’m sure), way too high for my own good.

Why should you watch?

Because I want you to know that even though I talk about money all the freaking time, I still spend just like you. I still regret some of my purchases, spend too much on coffee, and come across the occasional unexpected expense.

So if you ever feel like you need someone to relate to, then I’m here. Vlogging away and trying to make my life look interesting.