How to eliminate $10,000 of debt in 9 months

In order to save for a home, I’m going to need to find a side hustle – and I have quite a few ideas.

Wow, great news! (Obviously not the debt). But honestly, last week I could actually breathe without feeling suffocated. If that isn't progress, I'm not sure what is. In my first blog post I disclosed most of my debt but I didn’t give you all the details or the exact amounts. Now that I’ve gotten a little bit more of my life sorted, I can update you on where I’m truly at. Suddenly things with my budget aren’t as scary, just exciting. I know I can pay off my debt and I just want the next 6 months to fly by so that I’m there. Also, I want to share how my journey is going with all of you!Basically, what this means is that I’ve gotten my debt to about a reasonable spread. Does that matter? Absolutely not *she laughs like an idiot*, but it’s interesting!

Credit Card 1


Credit Card 2


Student Loans


Grand Total: $9,397.17

Therefore, I currently sit just under 10,000! How is this possible after my first blog post? Originally, I had rounded up my debt because I didn’t have the exact amounts in front of me, and also this last week I found out that $2000.00 of my student loan was a grant! Hooray for low income.

Now that we’ve cleared this up, I can definitely share with you how this debt came about and why it is so important to me that I get rid of it.

Over the last 6 years of schooling I completed, all of which were well worth the time and money spent, I did not do well with balancing my budget. My first year away from home alone, I obtained $6000 of unsecured credit card debt just due to foolish spend on going out and experiencing life on my own. In the next 5 years following, I continued down that path and although I had time for a job for the last 2 years that I wasn’t playing college sports, I still managed to tack on another $4000.00.

Now that I work full-time in communications (which doesn’t pay great by the way), I am engaged to my amazing fiancé, and wanting to plan our wedding as well as buy our first home! So let’s do it. Actually this time. Each month, of my $2800 income, I will be putting $1000.00 towards debt. This means my credit cards will be paid off by December, and my student loans in the 3 months following. In order to save for a home, I’m going to need to find a side hustle – and I have quite a few ideas.

But that information will come.

Stay tuned…