10 Movies on Netflix You Need to Watch if You Love Money

nothing spikes my interest more than a little financial insight

Hi, yes, hello. Welcome to another blog post where we join together in loving all things money and chatting about our favourite parts of living a healthy financial life. There are many popular ways to learn about your personal finances, including the classics: books, blogs, podcasts, online courses and your family and friends. However, the one way that some people forget is through video, and with Valentine's Day and a long weekend headed my way, I am already planning all of the ways I can get some much-needed R&R. Those ways obviously include the best snacks, the biggest blankets, and a fully stocked Netflix account.

Most of the time, I spend hours (yes, literally) scrolling for a movie because my indecisiveness only exists in the black holes of deciding what toppings to put on my frozen yogurt and Netflix. Once I finally choose, it's always a toss-up between an extremely creepy documentary or an extremely dark comedy. Then comes those special days when nothing spikes my interest more than a little financial insight that I'd otherwise stay in the dark about — and for much too long.

So, here is a *well-thought-out-and-seriously-perfect* list of documentaries, series, and episodes on Netflix that you need to watch if you love money as much as me.

1. Dirty Money (Series, 2018)

This docuseries came out just this year, and I already binge-watched and battled sleepless nights over all of the controversial topics covered. If it's not prescription pill costs, it's the vehicle emissions I now cannot walk past without becoming extremely dramatic. Dirty Money will make you reassess everything you ever knew about some regular parts of life you'd normally not question.

What you need while you watch: a stress ball and a crunchy snack for when you get angry

2. Living On One Dollar (Documentary, 2013)

I'll never forget when I watched this documentary because it tugged at my heartstrings and opened my eyes to some crazy money ideas I'd never considered before. So much so, that it actually inspired an older blog post about a savings club to help one another reach our financial goals at the necessary time, together.

What you need while you watch: a cup of water and an apple so you don't feel like a consumerist monster

3. Dog By Dog (Documentary, 2015)

If you've seen The Cove or the even more famous Blackfish documentaries, you'll know that some awful things happen to wildlife due to people trying to make a buck. This documentary, although difficult to watch, takes viewers on an inside look at the financial profit that owners of puppy mills benefit from while treating these animals extremely poorly. That's almost all I can say before I have to break into another angry rant about how awful people can be when it comes to the greed ensued with money.

What you need while you watch: a full box of kleenex and a peanut butter treat to share with your precious pup

4. Schooled: The Price Of College Sports (Documentary, 2013)

As someone who played a college sport and has a husband who is still heavily involved in college sports — this one blew my mind. It's obvious that the price of school is unattainable and the debt loads students carry puts on the serious financial pressure once they become graduates. However, some of these NCAA athletes are unable to afford food after bringing the school millions of dollars in cash flow because of their talents as an athlete.

What you need while you watch: ramen noodles to take you back to your post-secondary days

5. Chelsea Does Marriage (Episode 1 of Chelsea Does, 2016)

Although I watched the entire Chelsea Does series, I think just this marriage episode will have you cringing and boo-ing the wedding industry just as hard as I was. Though she mostly discusses her reasoning for choosing not to marry, Chelsea also takes a deep dive into what kind of expenses people spend on their weddings — and we all gasp for air.

What you need while you watch: a bottle of wine and your best girlfriend

6. The True Cost (Drama, 2015)

As if I haven't bared enough of my dirty laundry (pun intended) and how horrified I am at my wardrobe size, this movie takes a serious look into how consumerism has taken on a new meaning in the world of fashion. The much-ignored look into sweat factories and the effects large clothing manufacturers have in third world countries is insane. Maybe, just maybe, you'll reconsider buying that new dress you've been dreaming of after watching this flick.

What you need while you watch: time to clean out your entire closet once the movie ends

7. The Money Pit (Comedy, 1986)

The first six suggestions were pretty, well — pretty intense. So, perhaps some of you recent homebuyers should take a chill night to watch an older comedy about a fixer-upper gone wrong. I mean, it will either remind us why we avoid DIY projects altogether or make us feel better about our own home renovation mishaps. Either way, it's a less-aggressive movie about homeownership that isn't going to end with you having to make the largest financial decision of your life. Just enjoy your popcorn and have a laugh.

What you need while you watch: classic drive-in movie snacks and a giant slushie

8. Planet FIFA (Documentary, 2016)

germany soccer GIF

With the World Cup (that I so patiently wait for every four long years) just around the corner, it might be a good time to get into the financial side of the worlds most famous sport. Recent FIFA controversy has stirred up some interesting conversations about high-level league sport and the amount of money that these organizations have. Who is controlling what? Trust me, you'll love the inside look into corruption — one of the most famous words in finance documentaries.

What you need while you watch: orange slices for halfway through the film, duh

9. Goldman Sachs: The Bank That Runs the World (Documentary, 2012)

One of the most highly influential banks, Goldman Sachs has a ton of interesting history behind their business. Of course, they were in quite a lot of scenes throughout The Big Short, but there is so much more to the world's biggest bank. Literally, just watch and be amazed. Or disgusted. Your decision.

What you need while you watch: chocolate coins and a large glass of milk

10. The Pit (Documentary, 2009)

invest stock market GIF

Okay, first of all. Can you believe it's almost been 10 years since this film came out? Okay, now keep that in mind while you watch. Right after the big crash of 2008, this documentary gets close and personal with some traders. It's more so interesting to see how far we've come in just 10 short years as far as trading goes. Might teach you a thing or two. It definitely did me good.

What you need while you watch: your high school yearbook and a stiff drink

Bonus Episodes

For those of you who aren't in the mood for a serious documentary or a sad docuseries, perhaps you can gently wade into the money pool with these finance-related episodes from two of my favourite sitcoms.

The Office, Season 4, Episode 4, “Money” or Friends, Season 2, Episode 5 “The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant."

the office life GIF

What's a financial film that changed your perspective on money? Have you seen any of these and what one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments.