How to Save Money Online Shopping

don’t forget to include shipping and handling in your online shopping diet.

As you know, the Canadian dollar is weak. And by weak, I mean slowly causing mental breakdowns and hefty price tags on all of our favorite products.  So, what happens when you need to make an online purchase that is valued in $USD? The obvious choice is – well, don’t.  But for some of us that isn’t an option. Here are 7 quick ways to cut costs while shopping online:

  1. Price Comparison. Have you heard of our darling little friend Google Shopping yet? This nifty tool is probably the best option out there for finding out multiple locations you can purchase a product and where you’re getting the best price. Maybe an item you needed to purchase in an American store is actually available closer to home? Bingo, we’re saving money already!

  2. Rewards Points. Remember those credit cards that always get you into trouble and never seem to give you anything in return? Well, all of that spending you’ve gotten yourself into might actually share some good karma. Check out whether your reward points will help you cut costs or completely pay for your needed item.

  3. Shop the Sales. Shopping the sales is clearly common sense, but what about restrictions on discounts? Tell yourself you’ll only shop if it’s 40% off minimum. Don’t forget to include shipping and handling in your online shopping diet.

  4. Call a Friend. Speaking of shipping and handling, sometimes those “miniscule” fees, can end up costing you a fortune. If you have a friend that the product can be shipped to for a lesser cost, hit them up. Maybe they owe you a favour?

  5. Shop Local. If you can buy the exact same item here, or something similar, please do. Supporting local businesses is so important right now, and will clearly save you money. Ensure you’re on the Canadian version of a site while online shopping before getting your sights set on something over budget.

  6. Use the 24 Hour Rule. The best part about online shopping, is that whatever is in your bag, will still be there the next day. If you’re thinking about the item after the 24 hour period is up, the cost might be justified. But, if you’ve forgotten about the item, you’ve instantly saved yourself some cash.

  7. Check the Exchange Rate. It’s so dangerous to online shop because all it takes is the click of a mouse. As we purchase, the exchange rate will not show up on our bill until it hits the credit card bill. Please do the math yourself, and save yourself the unexpected downfall later.

As frustrating as it is having to take these precautions while making a purchase we normally wouldn’t second guess, it can be a huge money-saver in the long run.

Here is my interview with Breakfast TV Calgary regarding this topic.

What are some ways you save money while online shopping? Let me know in the comments.