Summer Lovin’ Spent Too Much Cash...

Hello, and welcome back to this month's episode of WHERE MY BUDGET AT? July was an interesting month for me. I normally would never spend the kind of money I did this month, but my brother is getting married in less than 20 days, and I am in his fiancés’ bridal party. We did her bachelorette in Los Angeles, and I’m sure you can guess that was not cheap. And I was not thrilled to be spending the money. But I’m glad I went, and I am thrilled for my brother.

I’ll definitely be giving you all an update on the costs of being in a wedding party as soon as I have finalized the numbers – because it might make you rethink your “DUH YES OF COURSE” answer, when someone who you aren’t that close with asks you to be their bridesmaid. However – if you are close with the one asking, it’s worth every penny.

Anyways – now that I spent one paragraph off topic, I’ll try to stay on point for the rest of my July budget run down. I still paid off quite a large amount of my debt, but suffered in the savings department. Ultimately, I will not have as grand of an entertainment allowance in August, but that’s okay. I’ll be starting my first side hustle in September and that should bring some extra cash flow my way.

Overall, you will notice that I do not disclose my monthly income here, or my amount going towards savings. That is a story for another day. Also, some parts of a girls life need to be kept private - amirite? Thanks for your understanding! Enjoy staring at my debt amounts.

Last month’s debt - $7953.39

This month:

Credit Card 1


Credit Card 2


Student Loans (won’t touch until November)


Grand Total:


Amazingly, I still landed under the $7000.00 mark, which was the plan. I knew I wouldn’t be able to put as much towards debt this month due to the amount I spent.

$959.05 of my monthly income went towards paying off my debt this month.

$1692.55 of my monthly income went towards spending.

Although this might seem awesome, I am extremely disappointed with my progress so far. I wanted to be another $1000 ahead at this point into my journey. If possible, this August I will put $1600 towards my debt payments. Although it might be crazy, if I can spend as much as I did in July, I can clearly allocate more of that money towards debt instead of just doing smaller payments. (Yes, I know my payments might not seem small to you, but to me they are!)

One last question I have for people is this - should I put my next payments towards my one credit card completely, guaranteeing a clear $0 and giving myself some further motivation? Or should I continue to evenly disburse my funds? Credit Card 1 has a higher interest rate.

My new goal is to be under $5500 at the next update! Wish me luck.