Why You Need A Financial Bucket List

What is a financial bucket list you ask? Well, we all know what a regular bucket list is. And if not, I’m embarrassed for you. I mean, there is literally a movie called Bucket List. Simply put, a financial bucket list is a list of goals you want to accomplish (long term), and they are all related to personal finance or your own financial management ideas. Pretty simple, right?

I think so. And I think it’s important to outline your goals – always. Never let your mind run wild with ventures without actually recording them. It’s good to put that pressure on yourself, to push the limits, and challenge ourselves every single day.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, "A financial goal? What the hell is that?”

Well here is my personal list to give you some ideas. I even made a cute animated video for you to watch, instead of read. Because on days like today, reading is hard.

There you have it! A short and sweet idea to help set yourself up for financial success. Although some of my list might seem far-fetched, all of my goals are actually quite realistic.

I personally have a timeline written out for each goal, which is another option for you when you create your list. Just remember not to get frustrated if you don’t complete your goal in a short amount of time without thinking things through logically.

What are some items on your financial bucket list? Let me know!