Why Is Work-Life Balance So Hard?

Balance means knowing what’s important and when

When you’re invested in your finances, your career, and your relationships, it can become difficult to navigate through the obvious day-to-days and calendar invites we receive. Throughout most of my life I have had multiple jobs, hobbies, and sports on the go. So, because I am what I would consider “strong” with time-management, finding a balance has never seemed frustrating to me. I stuck to my schedule, always kept a couple free nights a week, and never avoided tasks that needed to be done. Procrastination really isn’t an option for someone who allocates every last minute of their day to multiple tasks.

That was, until the last few months. I’ve been finding myself struggling to fit every last thing into my calendar. I don’t have the option to leave a couple free nights open, because I have booked everything I do up to a month in advance. It’s good, I mean, I love organization and routine as much as the next overachiever, but I also love alone time.

So how do I change this? Easy.

Treat life like a budget

By determining the best areas to make cuts, I can create a more balanced lifestyle that includes less time spent on smaller tasks, and more time spent on bigger projects. Budgets are great because they keep you in check, much like a calendar does in life. If you overspend in one area (time or money), you are losing out in another. Be prepared to adapt to achieve the lifestyle you’re looking for.

Stop overbooking like time is credit

Much like we use credit cards in place of money we don’t have, we tend to make plans for times that we know won’t work. Telling your friend you’re available Saturday when you’ve already made 3 other plans is like abusing your finances. I will better prioritize myself by ensuring that I stay “debt-free” from false promises.

Realize emergency funds can be multi-functional

It’s recommended we save 3-6 months of our income to prepare for any kind of unexpected event or emergency. So what happens when an unexpected scheduling issue occurs, or you suddenly have to take time off of work that you hadn’t planned for? Saving wellness days, and being okay with dropping everything for family and friends is the best emergency planning I can keep. Balance means knowing what’s important and when.

58% of Canadians report “overload” as a result of the pressures associated with work, home and family, friends, physical health, volunteer and community service.

We all have so many things we look to accomplish in life. This means that some days will be busier than others, some weeks will be harder than others, and some years will fly by faster than you realize. In my eyes, the most important thing to remember is that success lies in the memories you make and the happiness you hold.

It’s obvious there are multiple options when it comes to organizing your work-life balance, but mastering them all is never easy. In a positive light, the only reason I am struggling to keep this balance is because my career has been busier than ever, and that is never a bad thing.

What do you do to keep the balance within your life? Let me know in the comments!