Sometimes with money, the answer isn’t in a budget, spending detox or frozen credit card. When it comes to finding motivation, brainstorming new ways to approach challenges, or literally any type of struggle with your money — it’s impossible to know where to begin. I say this, because I have been searching for the answers […]

40 Prompts To Help You Get Your Financial $hit Together


My business is to make sure that I’m doing all that I need to do for my own money Change is inevitable. You change your style, you change your hair, you even change your political views. The fact of the matter is that it’s nearly impossible not to change your mind at some point — […]

It’s Okay To Change Your Money Mindset


don’t deny that you’re ever too young for a good mocktail and a light read outdoors Listen, I know that summer is supposed to be all about living your best young, fabulous and frivolous self. But what if — stay with me now — what if we did some more age-appropriate activities now that us […]

30 Free Summer Activities That Are Age Appropriate For Millennials


You can save, because you are a bad-ass, super-human, money-saving angel Hello, all! Alyssa here, just living life as a mother circa week number two. As you know, I’m currently taking a six-week hiatus to embrace my child and enjoy these special moments with my husband. Fortunately, for both myself and for my readers, I […]

It Really Does Add Up: On Saving Your Little Savings


It was interesting, as the way people choose to manage their finances usually is Money and comparison. We are all guilty of measuring our lives with others. As interesting as it is to see how your financial life compares to others, the truth of the matter is that it probably doesn’t. We all (well, most […]

What Would Over 100 People Spend $500 of Disposable Income On?


Being afraid of your passions might be the one thing holding you back from making more Impostor syndrome. What is it? Other than your worst nightmare IRL. Well, it’s kind of like that awful feeling after you order too much food but feel bad not finishing it all, so you do finish it all. Then […]

Impostor Syndrome Was Stopping Me From Making More Money


We all desire different things from our financial supporters, and that’s okay Every time I turn around; us millennials are getting verbally smacked down in the headlines. It seems like we can’t do anything right these days. Which is super weird, because with all of the participation trophies (I never received) in my life, I […]

Do Millennials Trust Financial Advisors?


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Alyssa is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about personal finance, homeownership, and more. When she’s not writing, you can find her enjoying some downtime with her kids, playing soccer or daydreaming about home decor.

Alyssa Davies is a content manager for Zolo, Trauma of Money facilitator and a published author living in Calgary, Alberta. 

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