if your child is happy and healthy – you’re doing just fine Having a child is legit hard. Like, honestly. How many words are there in the English language and the best I could do to describe being a parent is legit hard? I hope that proves that 90% of your daily vocabulary is spent […]

10 Things You Learn In Year 1 of Parenting


In our household, equality is of the utmost importance First of all, Hi. It’s been …awhile. I know half of you are probably like: You were gone? Didn’t even notice A quarter of you are like, well, you haven’t said anything because you’re *poof* gone And the last chunk of you are my understanding angels […]

Learning to Fight “Mom-Guilt”


I’ve finally accepted that I’ll never be able to do it all at once It’s December. I know, you know, we all know. Mostly because of all the cute lights, family traditions and eggnog lattes — but also because it means you’ll have to dive a little bit deeper into your pockets to find some […]

It’s Okay to Take a Break


I realized that I was trying to call the shots for my baby when in reality, it’s not up to me I’m back! After taking a six-week mini maternity leave from the blog I am excited to be back with my readers sharing ridiculous stories being an average human being and nerdy financial tips that […]

An Honest Look At Everything That Happened In My First Six Weeks As A New Mom


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Alyssa is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about personal finance, homeownership, and more. When she’s not writing, you can find her enjoying some downtime with her kids, playing soccer or daydreaming about home decor.

Alyssa Davies is a content manager for Zolo, Trauma of Money facilitator and a published author living in Calgary, Alberta. 

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