There is never a bad time to start learning about money Modern technology makes it easier than ever to access information. Forget university courses and textbooks. You can find a wealth of information that’s much more specific and relevant to your chosen topic online.  Sometimes I think that my business degree at university prepared me […]

8 Financial Resources to Start Your Money Journey


doing something small can tackle something even larger that has been holding you back It’s that time of year again, where we all hibernate into our homes and bundle up in front of the fireplace. We eat more cookies than we can count, and we forget about all of our responsibilities for just a few […]

10 Thought-Provoking Stories You Need to Read This December


are you still watching? One of the expenses I’ll never be able to cut out of my budget is Netflix. It’s honestly become a part of my weekly routine. It’s my most justified monthly cost because it allows me to disconnect and watch my favourite shows on my own time, without commercials, at an affordable […]

10 TV Series on Netflix You Need to Watch if You Love Money


you need to be open to tweaking your budget every month if your circumstances call for it Hello, all! It’s finally the last time you’ll have to read this italicized introduction about how I’m still on my six-week blogging maternity leave. Fortunately, for both myself and for my readers, I have some awesome female friends […]

I Paid Off $40,000 Of Student Loans By Organizing My Finances Like This


Standards of beauty are enforced by Hollywood and by pornography Hello, all! Alyssa here. Week five of me and my child pretending we have any idea what we’re doing and obviously we are loving it, but really miss you guys! Fortunately, for both myself and for my readers, I have some awesome female friends who […]

The Financial Harm of Beauty Standards


Debt is a financial product, and just like any financial product, it can get you into trouble if you use it poorly Hello, all! Alyssa here. As you know, I’m currently taking a six-week hiatus to spend time with my newborn baby whom you’d all obviously love. Fortunately, for both myself and for my readers, […]

Paying Off Debt — Did I Miss The Panic Memo?


Anyone that thinks parenting is a “vacation” or “time off” can come babysit while I go into the office Hello, all! Alyssa again. Are you sick of this prelude yet? Good. Because you don’t have a choice. It’s now week three of my hiatus from blogging and I’m sure future me is embracing every bump […]

The Impossible Price Of The Motherhood Tax


There are many reasons that I love the old Rockstar Finance I know what you’re thinking. It’s Wednesday. Which means I’m posting on the wrong day and also way too much. Twice a week? Alyssa, we can barely handle you the one day. And you’re so right. I apologize. However, I really needed to get […]

Dear Rockstar Finance


I’m also so excited to join the ranks of all of the new personal finance mom’s out there Me, again! Which, I guess you already know considering you came to my blog. If you haven’t figured out what this blog post will be about based on the title itself, SURPRISE! My husband and I are […]

Our Family Is Growing & So Is My Heart


We all know the solution is an emergency fund, okay guys? Nothing says money advice quite like skipping the 45 minutes you usually spend wading through a 1,500-word blog post about someone who was charged an extra $500 for their utility bill. We all know the solution is an emergency fund, okay guys? We all […]

The Best Money Advice You Can Get in 280 Characters Or Less


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Alyssa is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about personal finance, homeownership, and more. When she’s not writing, you can find her enjoying some downtime with her kids, playing soccer or daydreaming about home decor.

Alyssa Davies is a content manager for Zolo, Trauma of Money facilitator and a published author living in Calgary, Alberta. 

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