Life is a lot easier with a partner who is on board to split all of life’s responsibilities People hate to admit their privilege. It’s a hard pill to swallow. To have to admit that some aspects of your life have given you an easier path than others. But ignoring or denying that you have […]

The Financial Perks of Being In An Equal Relationship


It’s time to Let go of the “could be’s” and the “what if’s” If you’re in a relationship, and you and your partner always argue about money or aren’t sure how to get on the same page with your financial goals, you might be happy to hear you’re not alone. In a 2018 Fidelity Couples & […]

How to Talk Money in Your Relationship


The more you do it, the easier it will become Do you and your partner combine finances? Better question — do you want to, but not know where to start? This past summer, I wrote a blog post about how marriage changed my finances. In that post, I talked about how my husband and I […]

How to Combine Finances When One Partner Earns More


Road trips make for the best hours of education You know that moment — when you turn the key and start the ignition, you put your vehicle in reverse and start to roll back? The first moments of a road trip always get me excited. Mostly because I know that all of the thrilling (but […]

Why Road Trips Are Essential: For Your Wallet, Your Relationship, and Your Mind


you’re totally allowed to get emotional about money Getting married is apparently some kind of big deal. I have been told on multiple occasions how drastically my life would (or will) change after taking the plunge and locking down the man of my dreams, but I’m still waiting for all of the (super) hard parts. […]

How Marriage Changed My Finances


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Alyssa is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about personal finance, homeownership, and more. When she’s not writing, you can find her enjoying some downtime with her kids, playing soccer or daydreaming about home decor.

Alyssa Davies is a content manager for Zolo, Trauma of Money facilitator and a published author living in Calgary, Alberta. 

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