The Challenge With Saving Money

I have a lot of savings goals. In fact, almost too many. Although, you can never have “too many” goals. I have an account for travel, home ownership, business plans, and of course – retirement.

And each payday, I stare at my income, and try to decide which lucky account is this month’s winner!

Obviously I can evenly distribute a certain amount into each account and be done with it. But for some reason, I really struggle with that. I find it boring.

If I don’t treat money like some kind of competition, game, or challenge, I start to lose interest. Like most things in my life, seems like I need to be doing new things all the time, or I’ll lose my drive *pretends to honk horn*.

After all, $50 into each account once or twice a month isn’t going to get me to Portugal any faster, a home any sooner, or the ability to launch a dream company by any deadlines.

So instead, I took the time to map out my goals. Like this:

money goals

That’s right. I drew a picture of myself (look out Van Gogh, I’m coming for you). And in it, I drew my three largest goals. And then I analyzed it. LIKE A PSYCHIATRIST. Because, I’m the inventor of scientific studies.

No, I didn’t really analyze it guys, I’m not that genius.

*pats self on back for being modest*

I just figured that if I drew things and imagined them, I would know what was most important to me. And it helped. BIG TIME.

Luckily, while I was doing this, I came up with a way to motivate myself to save even harder. Harder. English? Hello? I don’t know. Just watch this video.

In other exciting news, every week I will be uploading a new YouTube video for you guys! Don’t worry, blog posts will continue on Tuesdays. Because I know some people won’t prefer my real voice over my writing one. And that’s totally fine.

Tune in for videos ranging from DIY projects to money rants! Feel free to leave me a comment of video ideas you’d like to see as well. Super super thankful for anyone who took the time to watch, and looking forward to sharing a bit more of my already overdramatic life with you. XO

What’s your best savings motivation tactic? Let me know in the comments!

2 Responses to “The Challenge With Saving Money

  • I am doing a money challenge each month this year. (I have 6 months planned out, and have to come up with ideas for the other 6 months). One of the months I plan to work on de-cluttering. We have a few things that we’ve planned to sell, but actually putting the effort into selling is too much, so we haven’t gotten around to it yet. I can’t imagine trying to sell something each and every day! Exhausting!

    • Alyssa @ Mixed Up Money
      2 years ago

      That is an awesome idea! Selling something everyday would be absolutely exhausting haha, I think I would run out of stuff.

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