Your Laziness Is Costing You Money

More often than not, your finances struggle because you let them

As you know, most people these days will pay anything for convenience. They don’t want to waste time, waste energy, or waste a good time. But waste money? TOTALLY, MAN! Exhibit A

You’re going out for your best friends birthday dinner. You’re running late (as usual), and when you get there, the parking lot is full. Did I mention it’s snowing and -17?

Do you: 1. Park in a free parking zone that is 2 blocks away from said restaurant 2. Pay $10.00 to park in the spot on the street directly out front of said restaurant 3. Go home because you are so angry about parking and are a terrible friend

Random guess here, but I think 95% of readers chose option 2. Those who chose option 1 are either personal finance bloggers, frugal like me, or are lying to themselves.

Any person in today’s world would rather take the convenient option that costs money, and then provide themselves with an exasperated reason.

“Well, I’m already planning to spend money tonight, so what’s another $10.00?”

That extra $10.00 is money you have most likely allocated to another area in your budget. Whether its groceries, utilities, or savings, you are robbing yourself of something else because of the one word we’ll never admit to becoming: lazy.

More often than not, your finances struggle because you let them. Ease of moments is only part of the reason your budget may be failing, but because it is a quick fix, it is worthwhile adapting.

So, are we lazy for any particular reason?

That’s for science to discuss, not me. But I do like to think that entitlement plays some part in the way we perceive wants and needs.

In 1992, 80 percent of people under 23 wanted to one day have a job with greater responsibility; ten years later, 60 percent did. Millennials received so many participation trophies growing up that 40 percent of them think they should be promoted every two years – regardless of performance.

How has laziness affected your finances, you ask?

You’re spending more than you should be on food

We are so lazy, that instead of taking the time to make meals at home, or prepare lunches the night before work – we end up forking over ridiculous amounts of money each month to our diet and entertainment budgets. Why on earth would I make coffee at home if I could have a delicious brew from the café down the street? Oh, and does anyone have people over for dinner anymore, or do we always have to go out to Moxies?

You’re paying for a gym membership you don’t even use

Now-a-days, we assume that our fit bit’s are going to help us lose weight just by tracking our steps, our recreational volleyball game every Thursday night is going to get us back in shape, and eating less chocolate will drastically change our metabolism. I’m sorry to ruin your latest get fit quick scheme, but it won’t. In fact, gyms sell memberships with the expectation that only 18 percent of people will use their membership on a consistent basis. Now how do you feel about that $70 that vanishes into thin air every month?

You’re letting technology control your wallet

As cool as it is to have entertainment of all kinds at home, and shop for anything and everything online, is it absolutely essential to your lifestyle? Convenience is something that can’t be beat, and it is the reason for so many successful products, but it has completely changed the way we interact and spend. Spending has become easier, and for that reason, we do it more. Here are 11 ways technology has made us lazy.

You don’t take advantage of your money-saving options

Instead of setting up automatic payments, you’ll pay late. Instead of clipping a coupon, you’ll pay full price, and instead of waiting for a sale, you’ll buy it right now. There are so many available tools to help you keep your finances in shape, but we refuse to use them because it takes time that we would rather spend, oh I don’t know – being lazy?

I could certainly spend hours writing down all of the ways our sheer laziness affects our finances, but I think you get the point. Not everyone allows this to happen to them, and not everyone chooses to admit that it does. But this year, I am making a promise to myself to always choose the option that is going to save me money. Because yes, there is always an option.

What are some ways your laziness affects your budget? Let me know in the comments!