10 TV Series on Netflix You Need to Watch if You Love Money

are you still watching?

One of the expenses I’ll never be able to cut out of my budget is Netflix. It’s honestly become a part of my weekly routine. It’s my most justified monthly cost because it allows me to disconnect and watch my favourite shows on my own time, without commercials, at an affordable price and without a time limit. Honestly, it’s probably a bit of an addiction at this point — but who is keeping track? Aside from my bank.

If you’re like me, you spend hours endlessly searching for something to watch because making another decision after a long day of making decisions is too much. Poor millennials. If it’s not Friends or The Office (again), it’s probably a documentary. But, for the times when I want to mix my favourite things, which is money and Netflix — these are the top 10 series you should watch if you love finance as much as me.

1. Good Girls (TV Series, 2018)

Maybe I’m a little bit biased here, but I love this show. The drama, the comedy and the reality that being a parent is hard: it’s got it all. As someone who would never actually commit their life to hard crime so that I could pay for something, it does show the lengths that some Americans have to go to just to pay for their medical bills, families and life as a single parent. I really appreciate the humour in this show and also really dig the cast.

What you need while you watch: your BFFs, a bottle of wine and your crochet kit.

2. Schitt$ Creek (TV Series, 2015)

If you’re not Canadian, I feel v bad for you right now, because this show is seriously amazing. If you want a more light-hearted money show to watch, this series is perfect for you. It’s the classic story of a family who started out wealthy af, who then lose everything. This quirky crew has to learn to readjust to life with less, which is honestly something we can all learn from. If you need to stop Keeping up with the Joneses, tune in to Schitt$ Creek for a healthy dose of there-is-more-to-life-than-money.

What you need while you watch: tissues (for all the cry-laughing) and budget-friendly boxed wine

3. Shameless (TV Series, 2011)

If you plan to watch this show, you might want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. This hilarious but aggressive series shows the realities of growing up in the South Side of Chicago. Not only does it tackle poverty, addiction and the system — but it does so in a way that makes you see things from a perspective you’ve probably never thought about. Big fan of the acting, the chemistry and the way they approach difficult and uncomfortable situations that are often swept under the rug.

What you need while you watch: a bowl of popcorn and an open mind

4. Breaking Bad (TV Series, 2008)

I shouldn’t need to go into great detail surrounding what this show is all about considering it’s been out for over 10 years and talked about more than Game of Thrones (jk), but in short: it’s got a good dose of money twisted into the plot line. Not unlike Good Girls, this series shows what people will do for money when they feel they have nothing to lose.

What you need while you watch: a really comfortable couch and blanket because you will 100% binge watch

5. Workin’ Moms (TV Series, 2017)

Remember when Canada used to have terrible TV shows? Not anymore. We’re seriously killing it these days and Workin’ Moms is another series that is living proof of this fact. Not specifically about money, this show is more so about the realities of being a working mother and the effects that it can have on your personal relationships. I find it thrilling to watch a series that is so brutally honest about how demanding it is to attempt to balance earning an income to support your family while still managing to be taken seriously at home and in the workplace.

What you need while you watch: probably just the expectation that you’ll repeatedly shout “hell yes” at your TV

6. Dragon’s Den (TV Series, 2005)

Netflix went real far back when they chose to add Dragon’s Den to their list of TV shows and to be honest, I am not upset about it. For anyone who finds the world of entrepreneurship and business extremely interesting, this show is for you. It’s always great to hear from industry experts on why or why not they are interested in your pitch. Not only is this useful for small business owners, but it’s also a great way to brush up on your sales and negotiation tactics while being entertained. Bonus: I also find out about some really great companies that I now support and follow.

What you need while you watch: your credit card handy so you can buy a domain for your new business idea

7. Bloodline (TV Series, 2015)

I’ve got two words for you: HELLA INTENSE. When I first tuned into this series I had no expectations and didn’t really know what the storyline was. However, it didn’t take long for me to become hooked. We love a family history filled with dark and mysterious secrets, which is exactly what Bloodline is all about. This show gets into what happens to trust-fund kids and the ways that money can truly change the course of your life.

What you need while you watch: food that doesn’t crunch while chewed, because you won’t want to miss a word

8. Evil Genius (TV Miniseries, 2018)

If you love money, but you also love true crime and terrifying documentaries — this is your perfect Friday night binge-session. It’s full title is “The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist” and that’s exactly what it is. I’m also now realizing that the majority of this list involves robbing a bank or committing a crime to make money. Please don’t ever do that.

What you need while you watch: to not be alone if you scare easily (this is totally from personal experience)

9. Droppin’ Cash: Los Angeles (TV Series, 2018)

Have you ever wondered where celebrities spend their money? Me either. But, this is the TV series that no one asked for yet still watched. I know it’s kind of sad to admit, but I find it truly fascinating to see what people who have an endless supply of money choose to spend it on. Personally, I can’t imagine doing anything but invest if I won the lottery because I like living a little bit modestly, but I guess you never really know until that becomes your reality.

What you need while you watch: a bougie cocktail and some take out sushi

10. Money Heist (TV Series, 2017)

This series actually has the word “money” in its title, so I truly couldn’t leave it off my list. If you weren’t satisfied with the other 8 robbery related TV series you could watch, why not try another? If you love excitement and action, this series includes hostage situations, criminal masterminds and a very important bank.

What you need while you watch: another reminder to please never rob a bank

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